Components of Exposed Skin Care Products

Exposed Skin Care offers an array of products that are focused in acne treatment. The company has started selling their products in 2002 and is based in Seattle, Washington. With a mission of providing their customers with the best acne treatment in the market, Exposed Skin Care has created a line of products which are effective and safe.

Their products’ main ingredients are combination of natural and chemical compounds which were proven through recent studies to be highly effective in treating different acne problems. They ensure that these products will not just treat the existing acne but at the same time removes any signs that were left behind by it and make sure that they will not re-appear again.

Here are the ingredients which are the secret behind the success of the Exposed line of acne treatment:

Passion Flower Extract

This ingredient can be seen in most skin care products. It has soothing properties which is known to aid in the healing of the inflammation in the skin. This herb has been used over the years for the elimination of redness and irritation in the skin which can be caused by acne.

Green Tea Extract

Known for its anti-bacterial properties, this ingredient is commonly seen in labels of different beauty regimens most specifically those that are known to aid in acne-related problems. It combats the bacteria which is the common cause of acne in the skin. This ingredient is known for its richness in antioxidants which helps protect and heal the skin.

Sage Extract

This ingredient is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps the skin to get rid of the inflammation as well as irritation. The redness in the skin is the main reason why acne becomes more noticeable.

Aloe Vera Extract

It has moisturizing, hydrating as well as soothing properties. This plant has been used by many people over the years for the treatment of burns and lesions. It helps with the regeneration and healing of the skin which is the main reason why it is a common ingredient found in many skin care products.

Licorice Root Extract

Known for its healing properties, this herb is often used in traditional medicine. It helps in reducing the redness as well as the irritation in the skin. It also has lightening properties which is essential in removing marks and spots that were left behind by the pimples.

Salicylic Acid

This is a mild form of acid that is known to aid in the unclogging of the pores in the skin. It also helps in minimizing the size of the pores which helps in preventing blockage from happening which is the common cause of blackheads.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This type of peroxide is known to be organic, making it less harmful on the skin. This ingredient is known to aid in combating bacteria on the skin. It also helps minimize oil production in the skin.


It helps absorb the oil in the skin while helping unclog the pores in the process. It has the tendency of making skin dry which is the reason why it is not recommended to be used as a stand-alone product.

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