It’s levels to this shit.

Just a few thoughts:

  1. Resilience. Apparently the number of stressful experiences you undergo as a child can have a serious effect on your adulthood. You’ve gone through more than most, and I’ve tried the test and gained a level of 6. I like to think I’ve survived pretty well thus far:
  2. The running community recently lost Gabe Proctor, a fantastic runner who was adopted from his family in Ethiopia. My own sibling is adopted, and it’s never simple, and apparently much tougher on older children, and those adopted from overseas.
  3. You’re really on the button when you talk about levels. It’s contextual; your identity does impact on your experiences with life. I’m half Jamaican Chinese (and other things) and this, and a plethora of other things make it harder to ‘fit’ the standard, even in the UK. Chinese people often rejected the Jamaican heritage and vice versa.
  4. I also think that some of the creatives (I am also a singer and a musician) do so because they’re trying to find that outlet. I’m a melancholy spirit and that feeling of restlessness really informs my creativity and my self expression.

I think that what I’m trying to say is ‘hell yeah!’, you’re not alone! When people are forged through struggle, they tend to be worth their weight in gold. For what it’s worth!