What Went Down at DoStuff Summit 2016

Did you know that other cities like Chicago, Louisville, New York, Portland and San Francisco all have similar websites to what you find at Do317.com?

We’re part of the DoStuff Network — a family of websites (we have an app,too) found in 20+ different cities across North America. We’re a bunch of rad people dedicated to helping other rad people figure out what they’re going to do any night of the week.

Recently, the Do317 team spent three days in Austin, TX for the annual DoStuff Network Summit. It’s the one time of the year where all the members of all the teams that make up the network come together to share their knowledge and experience in helping locals find cool shit to do in their respective cities.

Repping The Do317 Team in Austin, TX at DoStuff Summit 2016

We talked about so. much. stuff during the conference — like how to keep creating awesome partnerships for our fans so that we can keep showering them with cool (and often times free) stuff to do.

We discussed how to keep writing emails that deliver real value to our audience in a way that makes them want to open the message each day.

We did a Q&A with the DoStuff dev team to understand how we can better work together to continuously improve our product — no matter how many miles or time zones are between us.

We talked about how to continue curating remarkable content for our audience that helps them unlock all the things that make their city unique, like this list of bars that were open the last time The Cubs won the World Series, or this list of the weirdest things to do in Indy.

After spending two and a half days hanging out with our counterparts from other DoStuff metros and learning from each others’ successes throughout the past year, the DoStuff Summit came to a ceremonious end at the highly anticipated Dewey Awards.

Before the awards, though, we were both entertained and touched by a speech from Do512 Co-founder Jimmy Stewart celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the first city in the DoStuff network. Full of photos and anecdotes from the metro’s humble beginnings, Stewart took the O.G.s on a hilarious stroll down memory lane, while DoStuff’s newest members enjoyed the first-hand account of how it all began. (Get the cliff notes here.)

Do512 Co-founder Jimmy Stewart

And then it was time for The Deweys, and thanks to the incredible turnout from our local fans at FS Human Mario Kart in August, Do317 graciously accepted the 2016 Dewey Award for Best Party.

Incase you missed that, here’s a video recap, and we’ve already set the date for next year.

(Shoutout to DoTheBay, who won the WTF Dewey for this hilarious phone call from some guy pissed off about a dope block party they threw in his neighborhood.)

All this to say, consider signing up for email newsletters from other cities in the DoStuff network, especially the ones you love and visit often. You can win tickets to cool stuff happening wherever you go and get the scoop on the best things to do when you’re in town.

And we think that’s pretty rad.