I like standing.

Do you look in the mirror and wonder why you’re here..
Why in that very moment your soul is in the skin of person who you might have never wanted to be. Why you might be angry because everything around you, including that mirror, is crumbling. And you just stare. And you don’t see a person anymore. Just a sad excuse for one.

I felt that tonight, as I might have felt it many nights before, I especially felt it tonight. And that’s okay. Because I’m allowed to be hard on myself, I’m allowed to fail quite miserably at everything life throws at me because I literally have every single time. I just pray that I get up each time. Whether I stumble or fall back down, or even stay down for a day or two I can’t officially fail until I decide not to stand anymore and quit. Luckily enough I’m quite a big fan of standing. Of rising to an occasion. Of concurring the fear in facing new heights. So I pray that day of immobility never comes. That I’ll always bring myself to my feet to see a better view, a different perspective in every situation good or bad. But I have days close, like tonight, rare that it could get that close but inevitably they happen. And leeettmee tell ya It’s a damn good thing I got hungry and I had to get up and walk to the kitchen to get food.

“And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter”

— Aside from standing and the occasional late night snacks, I love Zeppelin too.

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