Bernie Sanders is intentionally trying to divide the democratic party.

Dear Bernie Supporters:

This might be a hard pill to swallow: Maybe some of the super delegates aren’t voting for your candidate because they don’t think he’s qualified for the job. I’m all for taking a critical eye to the government and not blindly trusting people in charge, but you can’t just insist on never trusting anyone that doesn’t agree with you.

Scariest thing about this? It’s meant to be Pro Bernie.

I was still an undecided voter until I saw this and was pushed over the edge. This is so destructive. While “taking on” everyone in your party might sound “awesome” to your predominantly 20-something voters with authority issues, it weakens the party’s voice. It makes us a joke. Bernie sounds like he’s in fucking Fight Club. Stop what you’re thinking. No. That’s not cool because: Reality. A true leader unites EVERYONE, not just the people that agree with him from the start.

For instance: I could also have a ton of bravado if I was trying to convince crowds of 30 year old lesbians how great I was. They’re my people. That’s a cake walk. What’s hard is getting people NOT like me to agree with me.

You’re ruining the amazing momentum our party has from 8 great years with Obama. Gays can get married. LGBTQ discrimination laws have been passed. Feminism is a thing people are talking about in mainstream media. Most people believe global warming is a thing now. Everyone now knows the difference between a drag queen and a transgendered person. The Black Lives Matter movement is a household name. We are no longer in a recession for christ sakes. Have we forgotten this progress? I know everyone likes to complain, but Jesus. Do we remember where we were 8 years ago? We’ve made huge strides in this country in large part due to our unifying, pragmatic and patient president. A president that is a true party leader. I’m proud of the democratic party, and I’ve been proud to call Obama my president. Sure, we haven’t solved all of these problems, but we’ve at least gotten everyone in our party to agree that they are important. The biggest engine of political change is education. Obama has done an amazing job of educating the entire populous on important ideas and unifying us. The majority of the United States believes in the “liberal” agenda. It’s divisive, self service politicians that are unwilling to compromise that keep us in this back and forth.

8 years ago, we were afraid to talk about politics at all. Do you remember? Srsly, do you remember what it was like 8 years ago? Remember this year’s Oscars? Our president and our party made a radical racial statement, nay, confrontation, like that possible on mainstream media. We are not evil. We are not perfect, but we are not evil.

A man who doesn’t see the bad in “taking on” his own party is a dangerous man. Sure, nothing is perfect, but let’s not shit on the progress and hard work we’ve accomplished since 2008. Being completely unwilling to listen to anyone that doesn’t agree with you 100% doesn’t make you a great negotiator and champion of your people, it makes you a fucking destructive asshole. For the love of God, let’s not have a Blue Tea Party please. The same people that are screaming from the rooftops about voting for Bernie or no one at all are the same people that think Republican Congressmen are assholes for filibustering. Guys. IT’S THE SAME THING. It comes from the same selfish, narcissistic need to be right above all else, and the inability to connect with anyone outside of your worldview.

In summation: chill the fuuuuck out. Stop being a paranoid asshole and try to see it from someone else’s POV for a second, rather than waiting for your turn to prove someone else wrong.

And lastly, Bernie: don’t fucking interrupt a woman when she’s asking you a question.