The most important part is that a large number of them don’t see themselves as racist.
Jeff Freeman

Calling Trump voters isn’t intellectually lazy, it’s just true. Thinking you have more of a right to government funds than someone else because your skin is a few shades lighter is racist. That’s the literal definition of racism.

I think this country has an issue with understanding the word racism. Being racist to Americans generally means “I’m a bad person who actively hates black people and wants to bring them harm.” While that is one BRAND of racism, it is not in total what the word means. With this blanket understanding of racism, being called racist actually hurts most white people’s feelings. Who cares, right? I know. But I’m going somewhere with this. If my feelings are hurt because I don’t actively wish harm upon blacks and thats what I think the word means, I’m a lot less likely to absorb the information you’re throwing at me and a lot MORE likely to become defensive and double down on my original feelings.

What if we came to understand racism as what it really is: a TAUGHT form of tribalism that sees white’s as the default race of power in this country. While it’s a gigantic, multi-generational systemic problem; it needs to be confronted on a very personal level to make any progress towards equality.

What if all white people could just fucking admit that we are all at least little racist, and we can celebrate that as a step towards healing, much like admitting you’re an addict is the first step towards sobriety. Because whites we were taught actively AND passively by our family, friends, education system, culture, media, government, art/architecture, athletics, etc., that we are superior. That message is literally everywhere, in everything. We passively ingest it daily. We need a detox.

With this mindset and understanding, instead of it being simply a character flaw to be racist, it becomes a solvable problem that requires introspection, listening skills, and education to combat. ie: provide people with a path towards enlightenment, rather than ragging on them for being dumb. And “non-racist white people”: 1. you don’t exist. 2. This is on us.

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