I wish I was Jenny Holzer

You are what you contribute.

Aging is the process of realizing and then managing the reality of death.

Opportunists are everywhere.

Life = what’s next, what’s next, what’s next; that’s it?

Misogyny in all female spaces exists.

You’re only responsible for making yourself comfortable.

Never trust a man who promises he can fix all of your problems for you.

Therapy should be free and mandatory.

It’s impossible for a photograph to ever tell the whole truth.

Idiots react well to extremes because they have difficulty seeing or understanding nuance.

Many bad decisions are driven by the need for attention.

In a capitalist society, artists exist to make wealthy people feel interesting.

We often don’t realize our own habits until they’re interrupted.

You can’t co-opt someone else’s integrity to call your own.

You don’t have control over your own desires.

Mans need to subjugate women speaks to their fear of their own deep-seated need for sex.

People hold society to a higher standard than they hold themselves.

PEAK NARCISSISM: “Trust me, don’t believe anything you hear.”

Having an audience doesn’t automatically validate what you have to say.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing in the world is talking to someone who doesn’t realize they should feel sorry.

Voicing my opinion is not an invitation for you to do the same.

Realize the things you hate the most about society are things that live in you that you hide from yourself.

Evil lives in all of us, its just the right (wrong?) circumstances that bring it to fruition.

Negotiating with someone who hates themselves is impossible.

Contrarians are the armpit of society.

Man’s need to be right can be frightening.

Life is a series of trade offs.