My Derby Stats Since Retiring
Danielle Mascioli

If you guys have read this article I wrote then you know I’ve become pretty passionate about self care.
My company Stride Health helps independent workers who are not offered health insurance through their employer get covered affordably. We will help you navigate the very, very confusing subsidies landscape and make sure you’re paying the lowest amount for the coverage you need as a derby player. We also have a real customer service team of actual human beings that you can call and talk to about what plans are best for you based on your medical and lifestyle needs. They’re very nice, I sit right next to them! Tell them Danielle says hi (that’s what these weirdos call me here) and they will hook you uppp ;)

WFTDA insurance is great, but it’s only for catastrophe’s like breaking an ankle. You should not be playing roller derby with only catastrophe insurance. Roller derby is a dangerous, full contact sport that can result in catastrophic injury and also injury from repetitive use, especially if you plan on playing for a long time like grandma over here. Personally while I never broke or tore anything in the 12 years I played, I have spent almost the entire last year doing PT daily and am still not at 100% health because I didn’t take care of myself while I played. Don’t you be like me! And for goodness sake skate in the opposite direction sometimes.

I know we are all busy beavers, but please treat your body like an athlete and take it for regular maintenance check ups and be generous with physical therapy and wellness visits. The way to do that affordably is to get real health insurance in addition to your supplemental WFTDA insurance and be aware of all of the free care that comes along with it. THANKS OBAMA!

Apply by December 15 to ensure a January 1 start date (safest to do December 13, some state markets close early to process).
Apply by January 15 to ensure February 1 start date.
Apply by January 31 for March 1 start date and to ensure you don’t miss Open Enrollment!

check out If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to our excellent support team at or 415–930–9110 M-F 8am-6pm PST.

— Dolly Rocket, Derby Grandma

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