A Response to “You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.”
Stefanie Williams

Stefanie, your sincerity comes through in every word and I appreciate what you are saying, but I have several responses. Foremost is that I do not understand why it is more incumbent upon me to understand your sister than it is for her to understand me. The original poster is making a point about why many (not all) women are upset about the election and are concerned about a Trump presidency. Our concerns about our lives are just as legitimate as your sister’s are about hers. Your sister will probably never agree with me, nor vote the same way as me, regardless of our gender, because we have different priorities and perspectives. That’s fine. People of good faith can disagree without invalidating each other’s perspectives. And people of good faith can allow others their opinions without taking offense. I would go one step further and say that Mr Trump’s campaign included quite a few assertions that were inaccurate, some that were unconstitutional, and many that were cruel. I am genuinely concerned that people who voted for him were being conned by a man who has few principles, and will not, nor ever intended to, deliver on the many extravagant promises that he made, such as to bring back good paying jobs, end crime, and eliminate ISIS. Time will tell if the concerns of your sister will really be addressed by this administration.

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