6 reasons why Brazilians do not speak English properly
Cassius Gonçalves

“ Imagine an American speaking Portuguese with an English accent and you will understand.” And then I thought about Henry Sobel speaking…

My English is broken as hell. I only needed it in conversation one time, with an American tourist in São Paulo, and it was enough comprehensible (I hope!). But I only studied grammar and the basics in the middle school. Being a poor person, I never had the opportunity to take paid classes, so I learned by myself: reading books, playing games (video games and table RPGs) and later watching movies; still struggling with it.

So as me, many Brazilians don’t have access to proper education, since as you have said, it’s absurdly expensive, so becoming self-taught — what is never the best option at all. Just wanted to put this small part of the problem on the table.