10 Women in Sport Give Their Younger Selves Advice

“Remember to slow it down; breathe; practice self-care; be kind to yourself, you are not unbreakable and therein lies your strength; your strength comes from stillness and nature. Don’t neglect the joy and passion for cultivating art and spiritual practice. Paint, play, be creative, be wild!”

Easkey Britton, PhD, surfer, scientist, explorer and co-founder of Waves of Freedom — full interview here

“I would tell her to not take life so seriously and to have more fun with her friends. I would also tell her to be more efficient with her time and not so idle and lazy when I could have been doing all sorts of things!”

Bonita Norris, youngest person to reach both the summit of Everest and the North Pole — full interview here

“Enjoy yourself, believe in yourself, have fun and if people say you can’t do something — just smile when you prove that you can.”

Rachel Yankey, OBE. A member of the Arsenal Ladies team, Team GB 2012 and England Footballer — full interview here

“Never stop chasing your dreams. Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it. Set yourself goals, and don’t give up until you reach them. Keep pushing boundaries and setting new levels!”

Chloe Bruce, professional martial artist, stunt woman, and performer known for her work on films such as Guardians of The Galaxy and Kick-Ass 2 — full interview here

“Believe in yourself and your dreams. Always. The rest will fall into place, so be patient and worry less.”

Ness Knight, endurance adventurer, photographer, writer and speaker; she was the first woman in history to swim the length of the River Thames. She also stand up paddle boarded 1000 miles, cycled across the USA solo, and run 400 miles from London to Land’s End. — full interview here

“Go for things with everything you’ve got, you may not always get to the top but you can be content with knowing that you tried your very best. Plus you’ll get a hell of a lot closer than if you’d never tried at all.”

Kate Richardson Walsh, Captain for both Great Britain and England’s hockey team, and bronze medalist at London 2012 Olympics — full interview here

“Remind yourself of what it is you fight for. And when you do, you’ll remember why it’s all worth it.”

Lynn Le, founder Society Nine, a sportswear brand for badass women — full interview here

“Have confidence, and be patient. Enjoy the journey, appreciate the little things and know that if you follow what makes you happy in the day to day, it will lead to a life filled with passion. Surround yourself with people who support you and add sparkle to your life. Embrace challenge and hug your fears tightly, be brave in the moments when you want to turn away. And above all be kind, show compassion to yourself and others. Do that, little Anna — and you’ll absolutely rock it.”

Anna McNuff, adventurer, motivational speaker, writer and named by the Guardian as one of the Top inspiring female adventurers of our time — full interview here

“I would tell my younger self to read more, be inquisitive, worry less, laugh lots (even at yourself) and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and lots of them.”

Helen Richardson Walsh, Olympic Gold and Bronze hockey medalist and European Champion full interview here

“Trust your gut, it always tells you the right way to go. Surround yourself with your friends — they keep you grounded and push you up to the clouds all at the same time. Keep pushing yourself but remember to take some time off every now and again!”

Caitlyn Whittaker, Electrical and Lighting Engineer, and national beach volleyball player — full interview here

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