10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me…

Challenge accepted, Lisa Wilton. For today’s ‘Post a day for the month of May’, I have decided to write my own list.

I hope that you enjoy my 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I am an active member of a Queensland roller derby in Australia. I am a head NSO (non skating official)and am also learning how to skate. I go by the name Discord Fever.

2. At 11 months old I developed a rare form of Epilepsy called Hypsarrhytmia (or West’s Syndrome). In order to stop my seizures, the doctors gave me injections of ACTH (a natural steroid) to develop my brain. At 17 months I stopped having seizures altogether. I have no memory of this, only of the speech, occupational and physical therapy I had afterwards as a kid. While I was behind on my speech and development for a while, by the time I reached Primary school I was more or less performing at the same level as other children my age.

3. I have always had music in my life. My grandmother played the violin and piano, and both of my parents are music enthusiasts. I started playing the electric organ when I was six and I switched over to piano when I was eight. As well as the piano (which I still play for my own enjoyment), I play several instruments in community music groups including the saxophone, clarinet, handbells, ukulele and the violin (the last two very badly).

4. I am an Otaku which means that I am obsessed with Japanese culture. I adore anime, kawaii (anything cute), J drama and J pop. I am learning Japanese (very slowly) and I also love to cosplay. While I am hopeless at sewing (the costume below was made for me), I hope to have a go at making my own outfits someday.

5. My sister in law is Japanese. It looks like I am an Otaku for life, as after my brother moved to Japan he fell in love with a Tokyo girl.

6. For several years I was a member of the Queensland Country Woman’s Association Younger Set (QCWA for under 25s). Because of this I still have a love of cross-stitching.

7. My favourite thing to write is Urban Fantasy stories. I have been obsessed with this genre ever since I first read Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint when I was sixteen.

8. I am obsessed with bookmarks and journals. I own dozens of blank books, just waiting to be written in. In this last years I have bought at least a dozen, more(most which I acquired in markets around South East Asia). The last one I bought was at a pop con and it has fur so soft that it feels just like petting a kitten.

9. I am a gamer. My favourite games are point and click adventures (I love the Monkey Island series by Lucas Arts), The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, The Bioshock series, the Just Dance games for fitness, and Visual Novels (especially the Phoenix Wright series on DS).

10. As a kid I loved putting together gigantic jigsaw puzzles (1000 pieces minimum). The obsession continues: I try my best to complete at least one puzzle every year.

Thanks for reading. Let’s keep these posts going. I am keen to learn about you all.

You can find Lisa’s original post here: https://medium.com/@mishmao14/10-things-you-probably-dont-know-about-me-3cdc67adb96a