Keep calm and sparkle on!

I love sparkles. I believe that it is perfectly natural to be drawn into the beauty of a gemstone, glass and sequins. Many people that I know are obsessed with glitter (and not all of them are kids).

The type of sparkle that I want to talk about isn’t visible on the outside. It can be seen if you look for it. It is the type of sparkle that lights up the eyes and brightens up a smile. You can hear kids sparkle as they play, and within a carefree roar of laughter.

My favourite state of being is sparkling and yet I have trouble allowing myself to shine. All too often my head gets in the way. Anxiety, stress, social awkwardness, lack of confidence, lack of faith that everything is going to be okay at the end of the day. Lingering too much in the past or worrying too much about the future is a habit of mine that has not served me one bit. I am well aware that one of the greatest adversaries I have in this life is myself.

When I was younger I would turn to my mother to learn how to be calm. She was a kind soul who would always offer a listening ear; to her family and friends, as well as people she had never met as a volunteer telephone counselor. My mother loved books and had an interest in reading everything that she could about psychology and emotional intelligence. I can still remember her enthusiastically sharing with me every interesting piece of information she had picked up after her training sessions or during her nightly read. She has been gone for five years now and life without her is harder and colder. Thanks to her love and teachings I am okay for a lot of the time…except for when I am not.

One of the newer aspects in my life is writing. While I have turned to creative writing as a hobby for the past ten years, I have decided this year to take this passion a little more seriously and start a daily reading and writing habit. As a Ninja Writer I am currently working towards writing a short story every week and completing my first draft of my novel by the end of 2017. With the current group challenge being ‘A post a day for the month of May’ the timing is perfect to execute an idea that I have had for a while. In this series of posts I plan to preserve my mother’s wise guidance plus share some ways that I have found over the years to polish my inner diamond and shine. I hope that the shimmer is contagious.

For any readers out there, I wish for you to shine on; shine brightly.

Remember: Keep calm and sparkle on!

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