Keep calm and sparkle on: Disconnect!

When I was growing up I was taught the value of disconnecting. At least once a year my parents and I would pack up the car and drive out to a national park for a week of camping. No TV, no video games or computer, and only one crate to pack items in to amuse me for the week. To some kids that would be a nightmare situation but I thought that it was wonderful. My days would consists of swimming, walking, making up stories as I climbed over the rocks, playing in the sand and gazing up to watch the stars. My crate consisted almost solely with books which I eagerly devoured throughout the week. After the sun had set I would sit by the bonfire, help prepare dinner and then play cards and scrabble by the light of a lantern before bed.

Taking that peaceful time away would always recharge my batteries. No matter what problems or stress I was facing, taking that time to disconnect would do wonders to remind me to relax and be calm. While I am very overdue to go camping once again, I make a point of seeking out nature whenever I can. I leave my problems and technology behind and get lost amongst my thought, my stories and the nature around me.

I shall leave you with some photographs of my last escape in the beautiful Bunya Mountains in Queensland. Enjoy the serenity and remember, keep calm and sparkle on!

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