A response to some of the comments on my last essay
Tobias Stone


Thank you for the well thought out and presented opinion piece. As an American I look out in the world around me and I’m terrified of what I see coming down the pike. I’m not a fan of Trump or Hillary but having been through one Clinton presidency and the following years of constant scandals and ‘mis speaking’ and disasters she’s been involved in, makes it clear to me that she would be terrible for this country. She lies about everything, she’s very crooked and corrupt and the thought of her in the highest office in the land is enough to send me into hiding for the next 4–8 years.

Anyway, the reason for my comment is to commend you on your well thought out presentation and your ability to defend your position to the nay-sayers without resorting to name calling or hatefulness that so many rely on these days. Thank you!