UGA NMI Capstone Portfolio

This Spring Semester 2017 I’ve had the joy of working on my New Media Capstone project, Sic ’Em Sports, with Jill Armitage, Grace Brandus and Megan Cho. Each of our talents suited us to take on different roles for the project in order to accomplish all of our goals. Our client, UGA Athletics, challenged us with the task of creating a usable prototype to become a popular sports app for The University of Georgia. After many hours of research and much deliberation we developed Sic ’Em Sports. Sic ’Em Sports brings football to your fingertips! Sic ’Em Sports is currently a fully functional second screen app prototype developed for UGA Athletics and set to kick off for the 2017 Football season. This app is the one stop shop for an all-in-one iOS application that UGA sports fans use to stay updated, connected, and engaged with their favorite Georgia Bulldogs during games, and after games. Through live updates, hot news, social integration, and exclusive content, Dawg fans never have to worry about missing out again!

My role in Sic ’Em Sports is Director of Communications. With this role I personally oversee all communication with our UGA Athletics liaison Jen Galas, planning of meetings with her, logistics for SLAM, a large chunk of talking while presenting in class, and authoring and editing many of our documents in which we turn in for a grade. In particular, I individually took on the blog post and the one-page handout which was our tri-fold brochure.

Our semester long goal with Sic ’Em Sports was to have a fully-functioning app prototype to present to UGA Athletics, our client, in hopes of them embracing the idea enough to make it into an app for the university to use in the fall. The long-term end goal with Sic ’Em Sports was to have it passed on to a New Media group in the fall to fully develop it into an app. Throughout this journey our roles have been different, but our goals remained the same to produce the most successful project we could deliver at SLAM!

During the Sic ’Em Sports journey I started with making my collector’s card, authoring the team role contract and helping make a research plan for our team along with Grace Brandus. After we made the research plan, I wrote up my individual research, edited the team’s research and we presented as a group to the class as our project plan presentation. As we were producing the wireframe I came up with many ideas for it’s visual presentation including the “paws” for liking a post, the “discover” dawgs page similar to Instagram and the fact that users can control who they follow and what they see on their app feed. Additionally, I fully completed all peer evaluations; midterm 1, midterm 2 and final, on time. Lastly, I took on a large part of presenting the Beta presentation in hopes of presenting at SLAM in our football jerseys for the Dawgs! Although we didn’t do a stage presentation, I had a great last experience planning our booth for SLAM and buying all of our yummy tailgate food and setting it up for our team. Go Dawgs!