How you doin’?

Using Romance To Create Better UX

As in life, good user experience is all about relationships — and it all starts with a successful date. Here are some tips on how to get your site ready for a killer first date:

  • There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Clean up, dress nicely and put on your best smile.
  • Be honest. Relationships are all about trust, show people that they can count on you.
  • Be clear. Communicate your value in a way that makes it easy for people to understand why you are better than all the other fish in the sea.
  • Ask people about themselves. Getting to know your partner is the base to any great relationship.
  • Listen to what people are saying. Show them you pay attention to what they said.
  • React to what people do. We all need feedback, whether it’s good or bad. If it’s bad, say it gently. If it’s good — celebrate their awesomeness!
  • Be polite. Explain yourself when you ask for something, be a good host and say “please” and “thank you”. Just like your mama taught you.
  • Show that you care. Be a gentleman, open the door for them and make their lives easier.
  • Take it slow. Don’t scare people away with way-too-personal questions and over-enthusiasm. Take it one step at time.
  • Delight. Make people smile but don’t over do it to the point of awkwardness.
  • Flatter people when they succeed or do something nice. A small compliment goes a long way.
  • Keep them wanting more. Want a second date? Make sure you give them a reason to come back.