The Ultimate Product Hunt Launch Checklist

Product Hunt has turned into a nicely-designed hybrid of Quora, Reddit, GoodReads, Digg and more. Its community is full of makers, venture capitalists, and experts — it’s the rare place where you actually should read the comments.

If your product fills the blanks and you decided PH is a good way of promoting your products, read my checklist for a successful launch.

How to prepare your launch on PH:

1. Preparation:

- Choose a launch date. Thursday or Friday have already proven to be good choices for launch days

- Get help for submission. Ask the most prominent users on PH to help you with your product’s launching.

- Prepare an offer code. Include an exclusive offer for Product Hunters with your submission.

- Block engineering resources. Prepare your engineers to fix bugs and improvements.

2. Launch Day:

- Target a concrete submission time

- Write a welcome message

- Become visible as the maker

- Include visuals

- Don’t ask for upvotes

- Stay engaged. Follow your signals with Oscillskope

3. Post- launch:

- Check back your submission even days after the launch

- Read the newsletter. If you ended in the top 10 of the day, your product will show up in the daily summary newsletter and bring further users for your product.

- Talk with your upvoters. Even though it’s quite bunch of manual effort it’s totally worth the loyal customer base you’re building this way.

4. Follow-up:

- Write about your experience and launch numbers to help other product makers and to keep people engaged with your launch

- Share your experience. Shared knowledge is power.

Ready, set, go!

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