Evidence of Abundance #20: Global Education
Peter Diamandis

Quantity Is Not Quality

The title of your blog versus the evidence you are using concerns me greatly. I have been a school teacher for 7 years now, and a competitive debate and public speaking coach for 10 years. Hence, I have a vested interest in and a keen knowledge of not only the quality of U.S. education, but of European education (as I now work abroad in an international school in Belgium). What scant evidence you provide of the increasing years of schooling that countries are enjoying in the present is accompanied by absolutely no analysis of the quality of those hours. Obviously, I am adamantly supportive of expanding education around the world. However, to pretend that everything is “hunky dory” with worldwide education does not do justice to the crippling problems we see in both U.S. education and the education systems around the world. I haven’t read your “Evidence of Abundance” blog on U.S. education (which you mentioned in this installment), but I shudder to think of what you’ve actually cited.

You have provided evidence of abundance in its most literal sense, I suppose, but you certainly haven’t done anything in this blog to raise awareness about the QUALITY of education around the world, and that in my eyes is far more important. Having lots of something bad doesn’t really do us any good, now does it?

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