Time For A New Story

I feel the world we live in deeply. I see its beauty, and its crumbling state.

I see us running at lightning speed towards a destination that never arrives. I see the pain we are causing ourselves and the pain we are causing each other, and all life. I see our fumbling efforts to repair and to make amends. I see the mountain of rubble we are leaving in our wake.

I see the world as the beautiful place it truly is. A place where we live in harmony; a place that sustains us as we sustain it. I see the pain we are running from as a cry from our soul. I see the small acts of kindness; I see the courageous acts of love. I see that we want to believe. I see that our hearts are good.

I believe that we can heal the world with one simple, radical act: Writing the story of who we really are. Not who we think we should be, or who we think we need to be — but who we really are.

And I mean all of it. Not just the pretty bits. I mean the full spectrum of being human. The hurtful and the loving. The beautiful and the ugly. The generosity and the greed. The raw and the refined.

When we give ourselves permission to be all of it, we give ourselves permission to be free of the box we have been living in. And when we get out from behind those walls, we can begin to hear the quiet voice within that knows the way.

Our soul is all light. It knows what is needed. It knows who we really are. It invites us to love. It reminds us to play. It shines a path to greater peace, in our own lives, and for the world. The soul of man is good.

I hold this knowing close on this grey morning and close my eyes. And in the depths of my own I soul, I see. I see me. I see you. I see through our masks. I see the pain and the love in our hearts. I see our brilliance and our broken. I see that we have been to the darkness. I see that we are still strong. We are shining our light.

From this place I call out to you: Come! Come share with me the messy and the magical. Come speak to me from a world where it is all okay and invite me to join you. Sit with me through my darkest hour and tell me with your eyes that I am loved. Laugh with me about all of it until tears stream down our cheeks. Remind me of my brilliance when I feel like a fake. And if you are willing, please open your heart, I will do the same for you.

We are writers of a new story. Let us each now find our voice. Let us take up our paints and our words and our dance and our clay and our stories and our harps. Let us not be silent. Let us not hold back our art.

The time for hiding has left. The time for wavering now gone. There is simply no more time for maybes and tomorrows. The world is in pain, and so are we. And the window for creating a more beautiful life for ourselves and a more beautiful world for all life gets smaller and smaller every day. Our voices are needed now.

And so I declare it is time.

It is time to stop running so fast and so far. It is time to stop striving and trying so hard.

It is time to let go of our armour and our masks. It is time to let go of our fragmented story at last.

It is time to write a new story of who we really are.

It is time now, let us let go of our fears now, let us speak with our soul voices now, let us sound our battle cry and write a new story with our art.

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