TRY should be banished from the dictionary

Of course I’m referring to my own biological dictionary located securely in my cerebrum aka my noggin.

And I am specifically referring to the usage of try as a transitive verb meaning, as stated in Merriam-Webster, to make an attempt at.

Now for most people whose cognitive function is normal, try expresses the action of you making an actual effort to accomplish something and eventually complete it.

But for myself — and others like me [virtual hand raised] — try turns into a word that represents something more figurative:

‘I’m going to try to start my own accessories and apparel line.’
‘Let’s try to record that song.’
‘I’ll try to workout at least three times a day.’
You think I actually have to take physical steps to make an attempt to do these things? Bruh, I’m just trying. Brainpower is all I need, bringing my lucid thoughts into existence which, in part, will bring my ideas into existence. You obviously have a comprehension problem.

Sadly, no. I clearly have the comprehension problem. All fault lies with me and me alone. I’ve turned try into my own shorthand for procrastination. And due to my refusal to decipher and acknowledge this, I can no longer use this word.

Fear and procrastination have no part in trying to do anything. You must try with courage and fervor. Forward movement toward the set goal is paramount, with the absolute resolve that the task at hand must be finished.

Another issue I’ve spotted is the large amount of people who use the word try as coded language meaning ‘no’ — e.g. I’ll try to meet up with you later=I’m not coming. When did these signals get crossed? Why can’t we all just be honest and replace the word try with what we really mean. (I’ll try to get some Nets tickets; no, I’m a Knicks fan, I’m not getting those Nets tickets.)

Try has turned into a word that is utilized as an airbag that is suppose to protect us from the brunt of a loved ones reaction when we say ‘no’, but instead ends up causing us more harm by making us appear flaky. I’m guilty of this as well.

So what can be done to end this tomfoolery? I’m going to stop trying and just do the shit I intend to do. Why complicate the execution of an idea with two steps when it can be condensed into one?