Obscure Movie Reviews: Episode One

Titanic (1997) aka Some Movie About a Boat

Have you ever watched a really obscure, underground movie only to think to yourself:

“I totally get why no one has ever heard of this”

Well that’s exactly how I felt watching the 1997 flop known to only the most avid fans as ‘Titanic’.

The film represents little-known director James Cameron’s attempt at a ‘Knife In the Water’-style epic, where two lovers from wildly different social classes miraculously find each other only to be separated mere days later.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who have about as much chemistry as an organic banana, the love story in this one is wholly unconvincing, and quite frankly falls flat.

I’m almost happy when Jack (DiCaprio) dies at the end.

The poor performances are really not surprising given that these actors have gone on to have completely lackluster careers, likely due to the embarrassment caused by this so-called “film”.

Though the content of this film gave it the potential for some stunning visuals, the tiny production budget is just sadly unable to capture the epic disaster depicted in the film and this is one obscure movie I’d say don’t bother seeing.

Have an idea for a little-known movie gem I should review with or without actually watching? Let me know below!