12 Lessons Learned: Year One of Aunt-ing

January 20th 2016, I became an auntie Danielle. I was not prepared, but I’m sure anyone who is an aunt or a mom or dad, or anything of those sorts, is thinking to themselves “no one ever is!” Well here’s a few lessons and nuggets picked up along the way that were baby game-changers for a kid-avoider like myself.

  1. Every parent who has a crying/screaming/hysterical baby is having a much worse time than you are listening to them.

2. Little things are now big things.

3. You have more energy than you thought you did.

4. Parenting is a massive job.

5. It’s not boring, it’s actually pretty cool

Literally milestones come a mile a minute around here, now times that by two. I’m not just talking

6. You’ll always be thinking about the future now.

7. Innovation. Finding new ways to “impress them”, peek-a-boo, skyping during their dinner, etc.

8. Sometimes, you have to be a step-in parent, and there’s no prep work for this.

Breathe, stretch, shake… don’t drop the baby.

9. They’ll make you actually think that you pack light in comparison.

Need a coffee? Looking to take a drive or maybe a walk. Not so fast… There’s a host of activities that must be completed

1o. “Spoil-ment” is so real

Control the urge for the 0–9 month clothes, they’ll outgrow them by the time they arrive at your door.

It seems one true test of aunt-ing is filling and abandoning many a shopping cart online. You’ll find yourself going into Macy’s for a perfume refill or to make a return and suddenly you are 5 flights up asking where the newborn section is.

11. Soak it up!

12. Treasure Aunting. It’s the best it gets.

You are in the inner-workings, the baby clique, the closest circle they have. Yet, you also (and I mean this in the best, best way) get to love them and leave them. Let me explain, I mean that you come over, take a load off the ‘rents of these little tots, bring new toys, or even your own iced coffee or phone is entertaining enough. Wear them out, hopefully avoid any and all changing, and then go home. It’s like magic. You always miss them and you always love them. Simplistic and a fabulous new adventure to be apart of.