Top Five in Tech: September ‘14

  1. ) Rosie App- It’s the Uber of all things grocery related. Rosie App is a sleek website for easy online shopping, and a complete online version of many of your favorite grocery stores. Take your lunch break to shop around, add to your cart, and set-up a convenient delivery time. The creators spent the summer in Boston in the Mass Challenge 2014 and placed as a finalist for innovation. Most places are offering at least your first delivery free as well!

2.) Over App - Wondering how to amp up your Insta-game? Thinking every lifestyle blogger must be some kind of InDesign Wiz? Look no further than using Over. The increasingly popular app for photo editing and especially text layering, is bar none the best I have tried. It has some of the top fonts used by designers a great colour palette and an intuitive and gorgeous interface. Check out their Instagram for some impressive examples and user work. Download for iPhone or Android today. I never pay for apps and it was completely worth the $0.99 pricetag!

3.) Elevate — Now a days it seems like everyone is talking about how your brain needs exercise too. While Sudoku and Words with Friends are better than watching the Kardashian’s all night, there is a new app in town that is actually entertaining and competitive enough to make you want to use it. Every day you have three challenges for your brain ranging from listening retention, focus, visual memory and more. It takes no more than 15 minutes, yet I find myself constantly wanting to play more. You are rewarded for the ‘streak’ of days you complete challenges consecutively and are constantly visually stimulated with some seriously on point graphic design throughout the games. The iPad version has worked best for me, but available for free on Android and the App Store.

4.) Milk Music App- As a loyal Android phone user, I appreciate when there are specialty apps made, but I have to say Rev Run’s latest project Milk, specifically designed for Samsung, is exceptionally exciting. Powered by Slacker, the interface of this app is incredibly clean and specifically designed for tablet/phone use. With the wheel function you can seamlessly glide through streaming stations playing the most genre specific music. Easily can favorite and reject music to start instantly tailoring to your likings. Download it from the Play Store. It is visually engaging and the music channels are genuinely refreshing.

Wheel interface for Milk

5.) Fitbit- While Fitbit was the hottest fitness accessory this Spring, the improvements to the Fitbit app are still worth mentioning. It now has a much more holistic feel. This includes improvements to the interface, encouragement and motivational push notifications and syncing more regularly on phones (iPhone/Android). Shoutout: Tory Burch and Fitbit partnership launched in early August. Keep your fashionista side fully intact while your ‘up in the gym just workin’ on your fitness (Thanks Fergie!)

These are seriously all worth the download, forget about Swarm and Facebook Messenger taking up more gig’s on your device and go for these innovative platforms instead.

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