I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

So very similar to my experience way back in 2001, in Melbourne Australia.
It was a kinda-sorta startup i was working for ~ an electronics engineer had been working in his garage for yrs (self employed) & then scored a contract to develop a POS System for a larger company which wanted to sell it.

Admittedly, the actual till/register the POS system used (developed by the engineer) was very cutting edge and way ahead of anything else on the market. But the issue was the backend software which communicated with it — ive seen 11yr old kids write better/cleaner code.

Anyway, my experience was full of the same things as you… the lies, the myths, not being paid wages et al;

So thankyou so much for sharing your story Penny — for many yrs i thought i was the only one which had experienced this kind of crap; but now im wondering just how ‘common place’ these things are (regardless of the corner of the globe your in).

thanks heaps :-)

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