Years ago I transitioned while employed by a well-known US public school.
Danielle White

And now having figured out the actual issue behind this it’s clear Dawkins decided to speak before understanding the situation. Germaine Greer is one of a group of trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) who are espousing arguments that have been addressed and found wanting years ago. How many times do we have to show that they’re simply wrong before we stop having our own alleged allies who value such progress from demanding we stay in this argument for years? They’ve been given platforms for years; they’ve lost and have nothing new to offer. There’s nothing of actual value to be accomplished by giving them yet another platform. If Dawkins, et al., think this is new then they need to do the homework rather than demanding we hold their hands and spoon-feed them decades of facts. Their position is nothing other than saying, “I haven’t considered any of this and privilege my own intellect so much that I can’t accept it possible there exists a body of work on the topic about which I am uninformed, therefore this has to be completely new territory.” It’s the same rhetoric that he would strongly castigate if the subject were basic matters of a science such as biology.