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Certainly there is much I cannot say as I don’t have their point of view, including what HR and senior management discussed with them while I was absent from the meeting in which it was announced that I was transitioning. However, what I can say is that the person who by far most expressed it — a coworker who was my manager for my first year of employment there, ending when a reorganization — never once used my legal name or proper pronouns. I never filed a complaint about any of it and yet he continued to express that he felt he was having to walk on eggshells. If he was, it was a perception that did not agree with reality. For my part, I had no desire to remain in the employ of that university long-term, only remaining until transition was done, and left for the corporate world within a year of transitioning at work.

I realize that, given the above, you do not find me credible. As you have my information and it was a public university then the records of my few years there are accessible to you for the price of making the public records request.