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What’s with that lustrous restaurant with 60K Instagram followers? Is it a formula, the photography, or some Millennial fairy dust? This year at the 12th Annual International Chefs Congress, StarChefs brought together a few experts to offer their advice on how to cook up, design for, and strategize to make Instagram magic. Here are the shiny pearls of social media wisdom the panelists shared with Congress goers.

Michael Chernow of Seamore’s and The Meatball Shop | New York
Through the process of shooting the Meatball Shop Cookbook, Michael Chernow realized “certain materials like slate, chalkboard, and whitewashed wood were used for the background of dish shots.” He applied this knowledge to the next space he designed, making sure that any area a dish would touch was made out of these photogenic materials. When developing recipes, his restaurant crews take the approach that every time a dish comes out of the kitchen, there will probably be a photo shoot. …

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