This must be how babies feel

My cohort started backend on Monday. It’s been a breeze so far. I can feel my confidence going up as I finally excel at the few things we’ve worked on. E.g. using node, installing packages, using said packages to create yesterdays daily project.

let moment = require('moment');
let chalk = require('chalk');
console.log("It is " +"dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a")) + ".");
console.log("It is the " + chalk.magenta(moment().format("DDDo")) + " day of the year.");
console.log("It is " + chalk.cyan((moment().get('hour') * 60 * 60 + moment().get('minute') * 60 + moment().get('second'))) + " seconds into the day.");
let dLS;
if (moment().isDST() === true)
dLS = "is";
else dLS = "isn\'t";
console.log("It " + + " during Daylight Savings Time.");
let leapYear;
if (moment().isLeapYear() === true)
leapYear = "is";
else leapYear = "isn\'t";
console.log("It " + + " a leap year.")

(although afterwards I realized template literals woud be quicker), and this morning creating a small express app that has two different local hosts to say hello and goodbye.

I am definitely feeling better to be back in territory that is coming easily to me. Hopefully it keeps making sense!

Peace and bacon grease,