Build your Website with Hostgator Web Builder

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3 min readMar 28, 2019


After the process of domain registration and web hosting, there is a step of building the website. Before launching, a website should look attractive and this work is done by the Hostgator Website Builder. You can Build your website with Hostgator Website Builder. Hostgator provides Gator ( a website builder tool) to make your website look good and attractive.

Hostgator Website Builder

Gator gives you the benefits of 200+ website design and simple customization. This website builder does not need any coding you can build your website without having any coding knowledge. The company offers drag and drop option, you can edit images text and all the things within a click.

How do I use Hostgator Website Builder?

There are the following steps to use Hostgator Website Builder:

· The first and foremost step is to log in to Billing Portal.

· After login, you have to click on the Hosting tab and then manage under the desired hosting packages.

· In Hostgator Website Builder section there is an Add button, Click on that button.

· There is a different plan, choose the suitable plans and click on the buy now option.

· Select the domain for which you want to actuate the Website Builder tool and then click the continue button.

· There is an option od choose a template, you can preview the templates before applying it to your website.

· Now, you will be able to use Hostgator Website Builder editor to edit your website.

Hostgator Website Builder Basic Style Tools

Build a Website with Hostgator

The following Website Builder Tools are given below:

1. Adding Images: There is an option of adding image If you want to add multiple images at a time, you can select those images and click the add option.

2. Adding and Editing text: You can add or edit the text if you want to add the paragraph you have to fix the size and then you can type multiple paragraphs.

3. Editing Existing Element: If you want to edit the element then you can edit or modify any element which you have added on your web page.

4. Preconfigured element design: It includes the configuration which has the preconfigured design for the elements. It will reduce the manual configuration and you can select the configuration that matches the preferred page designs.

5. Changing page size: There is a Plus sign denoted in each page to change the size of the page and if you want to insert a new section you can click on that sign, there are different types of layout available for different type of content.

6. Rounding the Corners of an Element: The Hostgator Website Builder provides the round corner element which will help you to edit the corner of your website. It looks good and attractive.

7. How to Scale/ resize an Element: Hostgator Website Builder provides two option, Scaling and Resizing. Scaling is used to change the size of the galleries and tab panels while re-sizing is used to change the size of frames. These help a website to look good.

How to Design a Responsive website?

Hostgator provides the Gator website Builder which gives the elements of build responsive site. The site should be responsive so that your website will look good and attractive in every device. Without writing any code it will build your website responsive. If your website is responsive then whenever you use CSS, HTML, resize, shrink, it will look good in every type of devices. The most important element is Forms which should be added on any website, It will work for mobile as well as desktop devices. The responsive is the main feature of any website and Gator is offering you the service of Responsive feature, they will build your website responsive and creative.



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