Daniel Lopes
Dec 31, 2017 · 1 min read

Hey, Thank you so much for writing and for such good review.

About moving the icons I now realize it was not the best decision. But that’s how you learn, failing, next time I know.

I like the concept of the message idea, but seeing it from that point of view is not very well thought out, only on concept.

About the experiences (the name was taken from the airbnb xD Dates seems very good), is something I like a lot. It would take the app to another level, users would have an experience completely different.

But this was my first project, I think was not bad, started to learn two months ago.
And a funny fact, is that the project was done in two weeks because I decided, wanted to push me creatively.

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    Self-Taught Designer, Business Analyst at Natixis