Creating a tenant, configuring “Sign Up and Sign In” user flow, and digging into the JWT token.

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Why Azure Active Directory B2C?

Because of the 50,000 MEOWs… what else?

Actually, those are MAUs, not MEOWs. Occasionally, the two get mixed up in my brain. It all started when the gray-haired neighbor’s cat jumped into my garden and asked for something to chew on.

For clarity’s sake, MAUs are not related to cats, unless they are. In the context of Azure AD B2C, they represent Monthly Active Users.

Imagine that each month you get 50,000 MAUs authenticating for free when you don’t have to worry about the accessibility of your identity server. And those are the active users. This doesn’t include the dormant ones who create a profile and forget about your site. The total number of free users in your active directory can be much larger, as you pay only for unique users who “jump into your garden” and actively authenticate after their number exceeds 50,000 per month. …

If you don’t get the answer from a mirror, use AI tools instead.

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They say: “Practice makes a man perfect.”

And they have been saying that for quite some time, as English has developed itself over 1400 years. But can you get anything done today if you put too much emphasis on perfectionism?

Recently conducted surveys register the freely available time of working adults somewhere between 1.5 to 4.5 hours per week. Can anyone be perfect under those conditions?

Perhaps they should say: “Practice makes a man.”

Removing the word “perfect” from the equation instantly feels less stressful and more achievable, although the logical part of your brain may disagree after examining your tight schedule. …


Daniel Loran

Software Engineer who enjoys gardening and blogging about the latest Tech. Part-time student of AI and Fiction Writing.

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