If anything, this wonderful piece of satire is overly generous.

Your idea that ideas are worthless is what’s worthless. The idea of the worthlessness of idea isn’t even your idea, is it? You borrowed it, didn’t you? I guess because this has risen to the level of mantra in the tech world, you can feel pretty safe expressing it ad nauseum because everyone, apparently, will agree with you.

You know what elevates the value of an idea? Lots of thinking and planning BEFORE execution.

But lets get back to your statement and think about this for a nanosecond: if mere ideas have no value, there is no such thing as a good idea because by recognizing a distinction between good and not so good would alter the perception of value. And if there is no good idea, then there can be no such thing as a bad idea either, by this logic. Are you prepared to say that there is no such thing as a bad idea?

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