How Headphones Brought Me To Music and Grew My Home Based Business

I do not consider myself someone who “loves music” or can easily justify purchasing headphones that cost as much as the monthly payment for new F-150. However, I will say that of all the purchases that changed my life in 2016, the purchase that had the greatest impact on my day to day was purchasing the Bose Bluetooth Quiet Comfort 35i Headphones.

In 2015, I had a hectic year of scaling my start up all while working in a job I despised, getting married, and coping with the sudden loss of my father. Realizing that no one gives a fuck about me or my family in the corporate world, I made the leap in 2016 to quit my engineering job and pursue scaling the growth of an online learning platform designed to help engineers prepare for and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, also known as the FE or EIT Exam. One of the key components that has helped us to scale quickly was the one on one attention we provide to every student in our program. As you can imagine, providing my phone number and value to everyone who joined our program, I quickly became bogged down with phone calls, having me on the phone upwards of 10 hours a day. Skip ahead a few months, my elbow is literally locking up from how much I am holding my phone. Fast forward, I start purchasing various type of headphones to help me stay on the phone longer, and not deal with the fatigue of holding a phone to my head.

After trying numerous headphones and bluetooth earpieces, I continually found something wrong with every one of them. Whether it was the sound qualify, poor blue tooth connectivity, comfort, etc., I could not seem to find something that work for me. Then I found the Bose Quiet headphones that were released during the summer. Upon trying them, they were by far the most comfortable headphones I had yet to use. Once powered on, it was mind numbing to hear the effectiveness of the white noise, such that I had finally found a way to mute my loving wife. Pairing them with my phone and computer, I was blown away by how effective the bluetooth connection was, such that I could be a significant distance away, and still have a solid connection. For the phone calls I was dreading, I had found an option that would let me take calls anywhere, and not have to worry about A. Holding the phone to my ear, but B. Had a chip and two microphone to cancel out background noise. Finally, I turned on Spotify, and started playing music. My mind was blown.

By now, I think you get where I am going, that these headphones for me, addressed numerous needs that I was aware of, but was a solution for some problems I didn’t even know I had. The Bose Headphones have let me step away from being tied to my desk with potential sales calls, and go out to work at Starbucks or walk outside on a call, and the person on the other line has no idea that I am out in public. The headphones have an amazing chip and dual microphone setup such that you can go a restaurant or coffee shop, and outside is no longer a factor. If you are a sales rep who takes a ton of calls, I highly recommend you check out these headphones.

Let’s jump over to music, and why I can’t live without it now. Working from home, I would play music here and there, and of course when I went to the gym, but it was never anything I really considered a part of my day to day. However, once I got those headphones, I started finding myself putting them on whenever I was by myself and knew I would be working or had to walk for a little. Whether it be walking in the mall, a nature park, or around my neighborhood, I started diving into discovering new music on Spotify, and creating playlists for what my current mood and activity was. These headphones cancelled out all the background noise, and enabled me to hear music in a way I had never heard or appreciated previously. Listen to artists, I started gaining a higher appreciation of their efforts, and the depth of their talent.