My challenge to democracy. . . .

Today would have been my father’s 67th birthday. Today was also the first time I have had the stomach to visit his grave marker at the South Florida National Cemetery. As I sat with my mother and sister, talking about our fallen hero, we could not help but reflect on the thousands of other markers surrounding us. Walking through the resting place for so many of our heroes, I could not help but notice numerous symbols I could not identify, names I could not pronounce, and even WARS I had only read about in textbooks. On every VA ISSUED GRAVE MARKER, the information for the hero’s religion/beliefs, name, military rank, war time era, birthdate / date of death, and personal phrase are inscribed. To my amazement, there were symbols for religions I could not identify and even symbols I had never seen before. As I started to look them up on my smart phone, I began to feel disappointed in myself. These heroes had served our country, and I could not even pronounce their last name or identify the God they worshipped. In a place where there was no noise or distractions shown by the media, soldiers of all religions, all ethnicities, and all backgrounds were laying side by side, representing the fight for Independence, the fight against Nazis, the fight against Communism, the fight against Terror, but most of all the Fight to PROTECT Our Freedom regardless of the threat. As these heroes fought together in battle, we need to need to unify our country this November, and find a path forward that will not leave their sacrifices in vein.

My father was born in Lowell, Massachusetts to a World War II Veteran / ELECTRICIAN for General Electric. While many were dodging the draft in 1969, my father ENLISTED in the USMC, selflessly volunteering himself to the rigors ahead. My father was honorably discharged a few years later, and became the first in his family to pursue higher education. He used the G.I. Bill to earn his Bachelors and Master’s Degrees at Florida International University, where he specialized in helping other veterans understand the benefits they are entitled by serving our country. Working as a teacher for nearly 30 years, my father helped make sure my sister and I went to college where I graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree, and my sister is currently in school to be a Nurse.

Last December, I received a phone call from my mother at 3 AM, as she had found my father dead in our bathroom. I will never forget those words leaving her mouth, echoing in my head, and realizing that my father was gone. Before I could blink, I was watching her receive a flag that was raised at Fort Ticonderoga where Americans had revolted and beaten back the British to gain our independence. Looking into the eyes of these Marines, I felt comforted knowing that such HONORABLE MEN were still fighting for our independence, but were now serving our country by helping to place my father in his final resting spot.

Returning back to work at my Fortune 500 Engineering Firm in Texas a month later, I could not but feel helpless knowing that my mother was hundreds of miles away heartbroken with tears and mascara running down her face. Feeling helpless that I could not visit her regularly due to constraints placed by my employer, I thought about the freedom and opportunities that my father fought for. On March 18, 2016, I resigned from my job to start my new journey empowering the independence and entrepreneurial spirit our country was founded on, and set my own schedule to spend time with my family. It is because of the FREEDOM that my father fought for that I am able to write this post UNCENSORED and without fear of PERSECUTION, I am able to sit here hundreds of miles away from my previous employer, and enjoy the RIGHT to do whatever I feel is in the best interest of my family and I. There are numerous people out there who say our country is not great, people say that we need to raise the minimum wage, we need keep out immigrants, but this is the CULTURE we have created and the culture that WE are responsibility for, not our prospective Presidential Candidates.

Our country was earned, not given. During the Industrial Revolution, Americans rose to the occasion to create factories, assembly lines and generate UNFATHOMABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH. In World War II, while my grandpa and countless others were fighting in the Pacific, Americans rose to the occasion to man these factories, and STOP THE SPREAD OF HATE. As the Baby Boomers retire, MILLENIALS (MYSELF INCLUDED), are becoming the most influential group of demographics in our country. Instead of blaming our situation on IMMIGRANTS or demanding that the federal minimum wage needs to be raised, we need to realize that we have opportunity given to us, we are just too lazy and entitled to use it.

We can either blame our current President, our potential Presidential Candidates, or the people around us, OR we could realize that the only thing holding us back is OURSELVES. As Americans, we are blessed more than we will ever realize. Tutoring engineers using and taking advantage of the global economy, I have spoken with countless engineers around the world who would do anything to sit in the cubicle that I left so happily. I can’t tell you how many people I speak with around the world who have an advanced engineering degree or have pursued higher education, and struggle to find a job that will pay them a FRACTION of the Federal Minimum Wage. These people are just as qualified, and knowledgeable as most engineers I worked with in TEXAS, but were not given the same rights we have taken for granted. We are a GLOBAL ECONOMY, we need to realize that the only way to get jobs back in America, is to force the jobs back here. Looking back to what Adam Smith said before our country was even born, individuals will always be influenced by the INVISIBLE HAND, driving them to do what is in each individual’s best interest. If we raise taxes or tariffs on businesses, they will find another way to make business work for them, and continue to further HURT the global economy and detract from domestic and global economic growth. Instead of petitioning to raise the minimum wage or voting to increase government spending on handouts, we need people to take responsibility for their lives and their decisions.

What is preventing YOU from signing up us an AFFILIATE for any store you have ever heard of and then paying $5.00 to run a FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN?

What is preventing YOU from buying a pressure cleaner at Home Depot for $100, and then knocking on doors until someone hires you?

What is preventing YOU from signing up as a driver for Uber, Amazon Prime Now, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Lyft, and all of the other tech companies that no one has ever heard of? Even better what is preventing you from posting your REFERRAL CODE on the internet, and getting free food, transportation, and groceries? (These companies and business models are the future)

What is preventing YOU from taking that idea you have been thinking of, and posting it on REDDIT, and starting a viral movement?

So I challenge EVERYONE reading this, to turn off Fox News and CNN, and visit your Local Veteran’s Cemetery. Leave your smart phone in the car, and visit our fallen heroes. As you recognize their sacrifice, think about the Presidential Candidates, think about the future of the country, and most of all think of about what YOU can do to make this country better. How can you take advantage of our rights as Americans, and influence the future of our country? Let’s stop saying a vote for a candidate doesn’t count, or that the candidates are too bad to vote for, and start taking action to make a difference this November.