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Find a meaningful way to integrate complex information with an interactive design and strengthen user’s engagement by making information understandable with a quick analysis.

This article offers insights on how to translate static infographics into digital and dynamic ones. Visual narratives can explain complex concepts and ideas in a clear and engaging way. Using rich interactive visualizations may help stakeholders have a clear and comprehensive view of their design and development tools. This can improve, among other things, the pace, the analytical resources available, and the results of many different projects.

The features presented in the information visualization platform below have been ordered and grouped based on different layers of information (tools, frameworks, programming languages, platforms, etc) as commonly used within IT and design departments. …

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Managing Creative Team

Leadership starts from within, and it spreads to people all around through individual contributions.

When starting a career in creative work, we first have to mimic the works of other creative people; from there, we get to establish our style. The same applies to leadership. Before becoming a leader, we need to move from being an executor of ideas to becoming a mentor and leader to others. Leadership requires a diverse set of skills, which includes; psychology and sociology.

Creative design is subjective and very personal; everyone has their own way of solving problems, and everyone’s approach is right. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to understand the value behind being creative, especially for business. …

by Daniel Alshriky

Design System is an adaptable set of mediums, rules, and blueprints that help establish the regulations between collaborative, expandable teams and scalable product and application.

Design System supports designers, product management, and developers to have a common language during the implementation. It helps save time and manage massive product or application, and ensure that style, experience, and functions are consistent across.

Design System is not a rigid set of mediums. As stakeholders, we should keep it refined and aligned with the business objectives and leave the door open for any enhancement. This happens through collaborative work and involves many stakeholders, like content strategy, marketing, product managers, and many more that’s because design system will have an important role in each step of the creative process of product or service. …


Daniel AlShriky

User Experience Lead | Data-Driven Design

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