You had me at Memes!

What in the world is a meme?

These Memes are the hilarious and outrageous images that take up your social media pages. Oxford Dictionaries online defines memes as a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users if your on social media, trust me, you’ve seen a meme ( These things have become so big; there is a meme degree that will be introduced at Northwestern University. They will be offering a meme major….


Lets talk about one of my favourite memes, with one of my least favourite athletes, Kevin Durant…

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Origins and Context

It’s the year 2014, May 6th to be exact, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder was blessed to win the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award. For those who don’t know, this award is given to a player who displays the highest attributes throughout a particular season, while displaying his importance to a teams success, and positive influence on and off the court. During his press conference to accept the prestige’s award, he thanked each of his teammates with a heart felt thank you and short story about their relationship. At the end of the speech, he finally got to thank his mom and praised her guidance and nurture throughout his adolescent life and basketball journey up to that point. At the end he summed it up by basically saying, “ you the real MVP”. To fully understand the context of that line, you’d have to watch the video, here, because the amount of emotion and genuine love made this line one of the most MEMEable and memorable lines throughout that entire summer going into the next season. Please skip to minute 8:53 to listen to the iconic and memorable quote. Kevin Durant was basically saying, he’s not the real MVP; his mom is the real MVP, because without her there would be no him, there would be no MVP award.

In the next coming days, new papers and various news sites praised and highlighted durance speech, but everyone was concentrating on that signature line, you the real MVP. Using Google Trends, I was able to see the peak of the videos interest over time. Here are the results:

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As you can see, the peak of the topics interest was between June 1st and June 7 2014. Now here’s a question, imagine you could go back to that time and see what Instagram posts you liked between that specific time period, for example? Well I would bet my bottom dollar that you liked about 10 different memes using that iconic line. Here are some funny remix’s of that meme!

What was interesting to find was that Kevin Durant actually disliked the usage of the signature line. It was meant to be a serious and meaningful moment for his mother, and like the Internet always does, it turned it into something completely halarious and down right offensive to him and his family.

Here’s my remix to this classic meme for #EID100


Here’s a question to you all. What would your social media feeds be filled with if there wasn’t memes? Do you think companies will start using memes to advertise their products? Can people make money off these memes?Memes are the future…did I just say that?