#AskTheDanielMtz Ep. 55: Selling Homes through Broker Opens

While open houses are a popular and effective way to show a home, not all sellers want to show their properties that way. But in order to sell the home, people have to see it. If prospective buyers can’t walk through the home, how will it be marketed and sold? One of the lesser known options is a brokers open house.

Why should we host a broker open?

There are a number of reasons a seller wouldn’t want a regular open house. Maybe the idea of opening the home for crowds of people to walk through doesn’t appeal to them. In some cases, sellers who live in a gated community may find it too tedious to have prospective buyers let in. If the seller is putting an investment property on the market, it may not be feasible for the seller to be present to host the open house. Some properties are pocket listings that will never hit MLS.

Broker open houses take out the hassle of presenting a home to prospective buyers. Real estate agents and professionals walk through a home for sale and take note of key features. Then they in turn return to their offices to go through their mental Rolodexes to see if the property is a good fit for any of their clients. These types of events are also a good way to circumvent nosy neighbors and non-serious buyers from walking through the home.

The key objective of a broker open house is to get a legitimate offer on the table. Regular open houses are usually hosted on the weekends when prospective buyers have the time to go house hunting. Because of the nature of the event, broker open houses are typically held during the week when agents are more likely to be available. With a broker open house, sellers can expect offers from agents and buyers who know this property is exactly what they’re looking for. Happy selling!

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