#AskTheDanielMtz Show- Episode 1: Marketing Real Estate, Social Media, and Modern Design

I’m starting a weekly show where I answer questions commonly asked about real estate and all that it entails. Below you’ll find the transcripts from my first episode on Monday, March 21st. All audio content can be found on Anchor as well as on Snapchat channel @TheDanielMtz @txc_Daniel

Q. What is more popular- modern or traditional designs?

A. I think it really all depends which area of the city you have in mind. Here in Houston, we are traditionally more conservative, which translates into our style of choice. Around the city in the suburban areas, you’ll find more traditional and contemporary-style homes. As far as the inner loop goes, you’re going to find a more progressive mindset that correlates with a more modern approach to residential architecture.

Q. What is the best tool to market my home?

A. Hands down the MLS. The MLS is the very first place agents look to when searching for homes for their clients. Uploading your property to the MLS allows you to syndicate the listing, meaning that all the big name sites will automatically have it on their page. By adding your property to the MLS, you ensure you get in front of those individuals that are on their computers home searching, as well as their agents, and any other possible buyer.

Q. How can Facebook play a role in selling my home?

A. We use Facebook to story tell and who better to tell your story than you? This is where you can use this approach to market your home. Tell its story. If you want to get a bit more tactical, Facebook Dark Post is the way to go. This tool helps you target people based on criteria that fits your home’s market. Tools like this help you narrow down potential buyers specific income bracket, area of search and more.

Have any questions that you’d like answered regarding real estate? Feel free to shoot them to me and I’ll be happy to feature them here as well as answering them live on Mondays.