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The end of May signifies the official start to summer as we know it. The kids are just getting out of school, baseball is in full swing, and we’re looking forward to more days by the pool than in the office. Don’t have a pool? Maybe it’s time to make the move for a home that has one!

The start of summer also means the traditionally best time for buying and selling real estate. It’s just the way things are. Once June comes around, people seem to have more time to devote to looking or putting their homes up for sale. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of either, then the return of the heat might mean it’s time to get serious about it.

Busy times lie ahead for everyone in the real estate business and it’s the most exciting time for working with clients to find the best properties.


So I’ve said that Summer is historically the busy time of the year for real estate. But how did May’s numbers look up until this point compared to last year? What kind of picture can I paint for you to get an accurate projection of what June, July, and August have in store for us? Our focus area is the Energy Corridor and we’ve established where it stands in regards to the local economy and market. Let’s make an assessment of what what we can expect by comparing the data from the Energy Corridor in the month of May for this year and last.

May 2015

Energy Corridor single-family Homes sold: 37

Average price sold: $424,230

Average days on market: 35

Total dollar volume: $16,331,022

May 2016

Energy Corridor single-family homes sold: 52

Average price sold: $383,486

Average days on market: 34

Total dollar volume: $19,889,246

Based off the comparison to last year’s figures, more homes are definitely selling but the average sold price is lower. I can confidently say that this summer looks to be advantageous to potential buyers who are looking to get a better deal than they might have last year. The total volume sold in the Energy Corridor is higher too, which is a strong indicator compared to the rest of the city, that the real estate market is still strong here in Houston.


One of my primary goals is publishing and uploading content to all of my platforms for the purpose of providing as much value as possible. As I get my hands dirty in the real estate world, I want to continue developing my content so that it is more informative and entertaining.

In addition to what I’m already currently doing with Saturday Showings and Monday Q&A, I’m getting ready to start sharing my favorite spots around the area in a different segment using Facebook Live and Snapchat. This is an opportunity for me to show you guys what it’s like around the area that I focus on and what kind of lifestyle can those potential neighbors look forward to.


Dad’s deserve love and happiness from their kids all the time. That I’m not going to argue with. But this Father’s Day why not pamper yours with a haircut and shave from V’s Barbershop? V’s is the type of place where dad’s go to kickback and freshen up. With it’s old school decor and skilled barbers, dad’s going to get his opportunity to sharpen up his look and clean up with a close shave just in time for that expensive dinner you plan to take him out for.

You can find V’s next to The Madeline in the Kroger shopping center on Eldridge and Briar Forest! Schedule your appointment today.


Whether I want to admit it or not, your feedback is crucial to my success and improvement. Imagine someone was eager to have you criticize them. That time is now. Share with me your thoughts on what I’m doing and the material that I’m producing. What do you like? What don’t you like? How can I make your life better? What could I do differently that would help me help you, better?

I’m all ears. I look forward to having a connection with potential clients and my audience in any way I can. Send me an email. Send me snap. Message me on Facebook. Whatever it is, I’m open to all suggestions and comments, and am more than happy to get back to you as quick as I can.


You can always find me on the following channels where I answer all of your real estate questions on the #AskTheDanielMtz Show, as well as give you an upfront look into some of Houston’s nicest properties on #SaturdayShowings. Much more material is soon to follow. Feel free to reach out to me on any of these platforms.



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 Daniel Martinez

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