Canada offers plenty of business opportunities to the right candidates. It offers business immigration programs for skilled people like you who want to settle in Canada and boost the economy of the country by creating new job opportunities. If you are looking for a business immigration visa for Canada then Daniel Massé Lawyer and his team can guide you.

Avocat Daniel Massé offers Business Immigration to Canada

There are various business immigration programs that you can opt for depending on your suitability and eligibility. To qualify for the Entrepreneur Base category, you must have a personal net worth specified by the government (CAD600,000), demonstrate business and/or management experience…

If you’re looking to invest in the Canadian economy, you can visit Canada with business immigration. There are many types of business immigration programs that are available, among them: Start-up visa and British Columbia, Entrepreneur Base Category.

Daniel Massé lawyer is here to help you with Business Migration to Canada

To be eligible for a start-up visa program, you need to be able to speak in English or French, have enough money to sustain yourself in Canada before starting to earn in Canada, and have investment proof (“letter of support”) from a Canadian venture capital fund, angel investors, or a business incubator. Alternatively, if you’re a business person with proven management experience and…

Daniel Massé

Daniel Masse, an immigration lawyer from Canada, settled in Dubai, partner at Danlik Associates.

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