IA#4: Museum Visit 1

Large pillars, great halls, and breathtaking paintings — these scenes are what I saw when I visited for the first time the National Museum of the Philippines and what I saw was not only a room of paintings, but also a bridge connecting our generation to the past artists of the country. These are some of the artworks that struck me beautifully.

Lady with Cherubs

I have always been fond of the thought that babies are angels given by God to us here on Earth. When I first saw this artwork, it has given me the impression that babies, or even children are gifts from heaven. It makes us smile, it makes us laugh, and they’re very sweet oftentimes. And this artwork also reminds me the reason why I am most certainly against legalizing abortion.

Philippine Scenes

Out of all the paintings included in Juan Luna’s ‘Philippine Scenes’, this artwork has strike me the most. It depicts a picture of a woman wearing a hat commonly wore by a farmer and a basket beside her. What I am fascinated about is the background of the painting which was plain white. It may give us the meaning that behind the beauty of nature and farming, are hardworking farmers which is the reality of farming up until today. They wake up early in the morning and go home at night, and get little money from it.

Third World

This artwork caught my attention for it depicts a man which was chained to the ground and trying to escape it and at the background is a view of a man raising his hand and may seem to be revolving against a certain cause. But what struck me was the way the man’s wounds are very realistic and if touched, you can feel its texture. And the message it transcends the reality that third world countries struggle to get out of poverty and other social problems e.g. conflict and war.

Woman in Distress

What struck me in this painting is the facial expression of the subject. It gives me a feeling that the woman is experiencing an awful lot of problem that what all she can do is to close her eyes and frown. If she could only talk and ask her what she’s going through, I would do so just to take that frown of hers turn upside down.

How does Arturo paint?

This artwork has caught my eye for it is a very peculiar kind of art. It shows how ‘Arturo’ paints his art. He puts the paint not on a palette rather on newspaper. I liked this art because it has shown the process how one painter creates beauty. After seeing this artwork, i realized that the process of creating art, is also art. Which just shows that everything is related with art!

Portrait Bust of Ricardo Carnicero, dedicated to its subject

This is the first artwork that you will see in the room the National Museum dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal. At first, I thought it was only full of figures of the hero, little did I know that Dr. Jose Rizal was also a sculptor and artist. I have chose this sculpture of that he made for a man named Ricardo Carnicero. I also liked that Dr. Jose Rizal carves a message in his arts. Like in this one,

Santa Leogarda de Jesús

I chose this painting of Nicolas Luis, not only because I am very religious person, but also the creativity this artist has to create this painting. In the artwork, Jesus on the cross hugs with His right hand, Mother Mary. The painting sends me a message that Jesus loved His mother very much that even in the last hours of His life, He would still think and would like to hug His mother. This is my favorite art of all the artworks that I have seen.


When I first saw this, I immediately thought of the famous painting of the Mona Lisa. I am fascinated with the beauty of the subject of the painting, looking sidewards and smiling. I like how the artist introduces the Filipina as an elegant, sophisticated, simple yet so beautiful woman. The woman looks so relaxed and firm, which something that Filipinas in the Spanish period would be like. It gives me the message that Filipinas now and then have an exceptional and unique beauty and can be anyone that they wanted to be. Mabuhay!

Overall, I enjoyed the visit to the National Museum. It was my first time and it was a memorable one. I was happy to see that not only Filipinos but also tourists are visiting the museum, which gives the country a chance to be introduced through culture and arts. Thank you for the opportunity.

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