The Home Record #1 — July

A monthly rundown of things I’ve been raving about.


Revisionist History:

Malcolm Gladwell’s weekly podcast centered around revisiting overlooked or misunderstood cultural issues hit its stride this month. His three part educational miniseries sheds light on how America’s school system “continues to leave an extraordinary amount of talent on the table.”

Gladwell also appeared on Bill Simmons’ new show, Any Given Wednesday, to discuss performance enhancing drugs with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Definitely worth ten minutes of your time.

My July Spotify Playlist:

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Sidenote: If you live in the United States, please Register to Vote.

What is Donald Trump’s Theology?

Earlier this month the New York Times published and OpEd by Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center who served in the last three Republican administrations. His article details Trumps ongoing success at wooing Christian voters despite his his seemingly Nietzschean principals.

Fact Checking Trump’s Acceptance Speech

“I will present the facts plainly and honestly,” Trump said at the beginning of his acceptance speech at the RNC. He then went on to present falsehoods, misleading or disputed claims, or baseless accusations for more then 50% of his speech. Vox fact checked the entire thing.

Thinking about Hillary — A Plea For Reason

Actually published in June but I didn’t do one of these in June so give me a break. This piece explores the potential reasons behind Hillary’s historicly low approval ratings and why they only seem to occur when she’s running for office. This would be a good time for me to plug Revisionist History once again. Episode one, The Lady Vanishes, discusses the question: “if a country elects a female president, does that mean the door is now open for all women to follow?”

Clinton Receives Four Pinocchios on email answers during Fox News Interview

I agree with FiveThirtyEight’s assessment that the Clinton camp seemly hasn’t figured out how to respond to FBI Director Comey’s statements regarding her email. This is concerning given his press conference was more than a month ago and they’re still having trouble addressing it.

Despite Media Hysteria, Violent Crime is at Record Lows

Certain candidates are claiming that crime is out of control. It’s not.

Lost at DNC: Anastasia Somoza’s Speech

The DNC had some heavy weight orators this year but one of the most powerful speeches in my opinion came from disability rights advocate Anastasia Somoza.

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