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If you’re like me, you have crypto running through your blood. Once it enters into your bloodstream, it is constantly running through your brain whenever you are not in front of a glowing screen. This space can become an addiction very quickly, and it can consume you. However, this addiction is not unhealthy as it is intended to produce financial freedom. Naturally, we end up discussing our passions with our friends and family. And unfortunately, in many instances — they couldn’t care less. This is usually because of one of two reasons; A.) The have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re talking about or B.) They simply aren’t interested in cryptocurrency.

It is human nature for people to avoid the things which they do not understand. We all have a parent or a grandparent who wants nothing to do with cell phones and/or all of these technological advancements which have taken place over the past 30+ years. We can try to force it down their throats all we want, and that often just makes them resent it even more. A big reason for it is because it might make them feel inferior/ignorant, outdated, or the old adage; “You cant teach an old dog new tricks”.

However, as this technological revolution inevitably spills over into the financial sector in a large way, many will have no choice but to learn. Thankfully, the adoption of crypto into our everyday life is increasingly becoming more and more geared towards creating user-friendly methods. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the early-adopters to increase awareness, and assist in speeding up the overall adoption process. Getting started in crypto can be overwhelming, especially if you are self-taught or not very tech savvy. But if you are fortunate enough to have somebody knowledgeable, readily accessible to answer all your questions, it can offer a massive advantage. However, we still need to make the process of learning about crypto interesting, entertaining, and create an incentive. We need to make it as easy as possible to open those doors, and we need to create a reason for noobs to want to open them.

Insert Bravo Coin, stage left. As a person who has been talking my wife's ears off about crypto, for years — I have finally performed a miracle and actually got her to listen. This is because I talked her into downloading the “Bravo Coin” app.

Bravo Coin is an extremely user-friendly app which allows users to write reviews about restaurants, hotels, services, movies, video games, employers, etc., while offering incentive's to the authors via the native bravo coins. Bravo Coin is often billed; “The Yelp of Blockchain and/or Crypto”. But beware, it is extremely addictive, so consider yourself warned!

My wife has been hooked on bravo since day 1, writing review after review. “Why didnt you tell me about this sooner?” It was obviously a rhetorical question — as I had been trying to get her involved every day since, forever. But more importantly, she is now asking me all of the relevant questions about cryptocurrencies. (I love it when you talk dirty, baby!) Now, these are questions/answers which I have previously tried to shove into her brain for years unsuccessfully. I am extremely excited that I can finally talk shop with my best friend who is finally interested. Crypto and my home life have previously existed as separate entities. However, it feels like that door has finally opened because of bravo. She is now genuinely interested in learning these concepts and how block chain, exchanges, and developments function.

Bravo Coin can serve as a magnificent “gateway into crypto” for several reasons. It checks off all the boxes required to assist beginners into making the transition and/or trying to get started learning about crypto.

  1. User Friendly — If you can use a smart phone app, you can use bravo. The app is very straight forward and simple. All you need to do is register with your email, save your passwords and begin leaving reviews.
  2. Accessible — It is available on ios and android in the app store for free.
  3. Entertaining — You can look up countless businesses, movies, services, coins, hotels, and much, much more. It is fun to read and review other users comments/opinions, and you also earn coins for this feature. Additionally, once the rewards/coins begin pouring into your account, it really gets fun. Also, they utilize a staking algorithm which allows users to earn more for their reviews by staking on the app! Perhaps the most exciting aspect is that this rabbit hole never ends. The developers are constantly adding more and more things to review. So, you will never run out of reviews. You decide how much you will earn.
  4. Free — A lot of crypto skeptics do not want to put their own/hard earned money into something they do not understand. This is an understandable drawback for many. Bravo is absolutely free of charge, as the mining process is the actual reviews. Unlike traditional alt coins, which require a super computer, mining rig, knowledge of mining, and a hefty electric bill — bravo coin mining is performed via the reviews. And just like traditional mining, the rewards are halved yearly.

So, if you are have any friends, co-workers, or family members whom you are not getting through to about crypto — this is a great way to ease them into it and create genuine interest in the space. It is the best/easiest way of dabbling into crypto without the need of initial monetary investment or previous crypto knowledge. For more information; check out or search “Bravo Coin” on your smartphone app store.

Finally, Bravo Coin also has one of the best development teams I have come across in this space. While most projects launch their coin as an ICO or open on an exchange with a bunch of promises and very little to show. Bravo Coin had a full working product/app available in the app store for months, building a community far before they launched on an exchange. Actions will always speak much louder than words, in crypto just like in life. Their team is very knowledgeable and accessible to its users on telegram, twitter, and several other social media platforms.

Note: This is not a paid review or a project “shill”. However, my wife and I are extremely active on the platform leaving reviews/mining and collecting/staking bravo coins. Please add us as friends on the platform “dboone” and “danadane!” This review was intended to serve as an olive branch for my fellow crypto enthusiasts whom might be struggling with a similar brain full of crypto and a a group of close friends who don’t care or understand your enthusiasm and constant crypto related chatter. Hopefully this will help open the door to those “I thought you’d never ask” questions!

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