Open Mind Open Heart

There are some things we will never get to experience in life. From a missed place or town we will never visit, an opportunity that we opted not to take once, a message in the form of a dream we miss interpreted and a way of life we chose not to live.

We can try to visit every place, town, city and village known to man and never get to them all or we can place our feet on the ground that moves us. moves our soul, grows our character and enhances our spirit.

We can make a decision on opportunities placed in front of us based on the limitations we’ve been placing on ourselves for years or we can make a conscious choice of not ignoring the whisper of our heart and leap into the unknown, surrendering it all.

We can close our eyes but we mustn’t close our minds. The things you see in dream state are often passed off as either unbearable nightmares or an unbelievable picture of paradise too far out of reach for us to even comprehend coming true. The secret is, these can often be the thing that awakens you to believe in something more, something higher than ourselves, something that makes all that you’ve seen possible. Isn’t it funny our initial reaction to a dream is to believe it’s true. Panic sets in when it’s not something you wanted to see, doubt sets in when you think of the work it involves to get there.

Listen to the visual images and believe them as strong as many believe what they read in the news. For these are prophesied by a power that cannot and will not lie. The intensity of our dreams are pressing you to be more convinced, the closer these dreams to reality the easier you can believe. Dreams create emotions and anything strong enough to do that is worth your time of study. Once your able to sleep with an open mind your able to live with one.

We will inevitably miss out on a life we could of lived. This can be one of the most beautiful or one of the most problematic scenarios to pass.

The life we miss out on could be the one that nobody with choice would want to live. A life of self obsession, a life of criticism, loneliness, brokenness and pain. With a lack of love and growth.


We could miss out on a life full of Peace, love and light. A life where people are inspired and in awe of the bold decisions you took to create your Safe haven, the paradise you once dreamt of and could of been possible.

Now I want you to remember as you come to the end of the word…

Every Action Has A reaction. Every Decision Has A Destination.

The actions you take daily provoke a reaction from both yourself and the people your surrounded by, which in turn create your opportunities. The opportunities are then the ones you either decide to jump at or run away from. Those opportunities then create a new belief. A positive one or a limited one based on your perception. It’s from there that your then in the midst of choosing to live the life you want and miss out on the life you choices enabled you not to live.

So you’ve read my letter to you. Now your thinking to yourself – what do I do to make the most of this information?

It’s simply really. You change your perception, open your heart and mind to something NEW. something you’ve never had the opportunity to experience and along the way find someone who’s experienced what you have to help be your guide.

Sculpt your own identity and in turn create your own reality. For the world you think you live in is based on what you chose to believe from what was in your mind a reliable source.

Thank You. For the opportunity to give you a new perspective or shift your emotional state even just for a moment. Everything I write is based on a personal experience an knowledge of our evolution as people passing through this lifetime and the next.

May Grace Follow You Always
Daniel Merrix | Spiritual Influencer |