Person to Person Acknowledgment

One of the things i historically will always do is to engage with the content produced from the posts I give, the videos I share, the snapchats I push out. The never ending building of engagement creates a brand for yourself, it makes such a huge difference to you life and others.

Here are a few tips:

  • If 1 person or 200 people comment make a point of actually acknowledging it goes a long way

*If you see a post created by someone who’s avid follower of yours and it inspire you or has good value don’t be shy about sharing it.

*The power of a head nod in the street to some who doesn’t even know you should not be taken for granted

*Why you message someone privately, (the intention) is it for self satisfaction or to add more value?

*Encouragement to those who don’t support your content is a curveball I wanted to throw in. Those are the people who have left their EGO at the forefront. Respect their journey.

*If someone knock your stuff acknowledge it, maybe their creating some self awareness you need, maybe their a big secret fan, maybe their going through a similar personal battle and its raw.


Far to many people looking down their noses at other people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to succeed at something, or to pass by someone who’s homeless without even a SMILE.

You don’t know anybody’s personal circumstances until you ask them.