Acrylic chairs are the latest trend and Why?

When we talk of acrylic chairs, there is a wide variety available. Acrylic chairs are worthy and are finding space in every home. They have become a must have for every furniture. They can be easily clubbed with any furniture as they come in neutral colours.

They are made of hard wearing clear plastic. It gives a look of a glass but is actually plastic. It has super qualities that a even a glass does not possess. Acrylic chairs are made using two types of material. One is cell cast acrylic which is made of high quality while extruded acrylic is made of less expensive material. Extruded acrylic is more softer, prone to getting cracked easily contains many impurities. It is a combination of many material and therefore is not worth a buy. It gets scratched easily and can be harmed while moving or shifting. Acrylic is far more stronger than glass and protects itself better than glass. It has more resilient qualities and does not get harmed in different weather conditions. It weighs around 50% times of glass.

Acrylic chairs look beautiful and give a high end look to any room. They are stunning in their appearance and brighten up any dull room. They can also be used as an accessory for a room. They do not take much space and sometimes even remain invisible. Their transparent look makes them vanish in a room. They are easy to carry and can be moved from one place to another easily.

Now let us also look at the differences between wooden and acrylic chairs. Wooden chairs give a more older look to any hall. They are vintage and are being used for many years. To pep up the room we now should use the acrylic chairs. They give a new look to any place. Wooden chairs look good with a home which has brownish theme. It has wooden flooring and a dining table also wooden. But Acrylic chairs are a fit for any place. They are transparent and therefore they don’t need to be clubbed with any particular scheme. If you have a teak furnishing already installed and you need to replace some of your furniture. Then it might be difficult for you to get exactly the similar color schemes. With acrylic chairs there is no such issue. They can go and combine with any furniture. They can be clubbed with modern day styles and also vintage stuff.

In extreme conditions, like rainy season, wooden chairs need to be kept covered or away from water. Whereas acrylic chairs are highly durable and need not be kept away from water. They can be kept in kitchens also. Wooden chairs if are damaged or scratched , it is easily visible. But in acrylic chairs no damage is visible.

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