This is the beginning of a series that will provide an easily digestible cheat sheet for the most often-used and favorited JavaScript methods. In the first part of the series we will focus on array methods.

Array Properties

These methods are actually properties of the Array object itself and are accessed using the following keywords.

  • Array.prototype — References the prototype of Array that all Array instances inherit from. On the Array prototype you will find all of the below methods. You can also create your own methods with Array.prototype.myMethod = function() { }
  • Array.length — returns length of the array (# of…

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In this example we will be creating simple flash errors for an application that allows users to create new heroines. If a parameter for heroine creation is not met, a flash error is displayed.

In the controller (under create, or whatever form you want the error messages to appear on):

if @heroine.valid?
redirect_to @heroine
elseflash[:error] = @heroine.errors.full_messagesredirect_to new_heroine_pathend

Implemented example:

def create
@heroine = Heroine.create(heroine_params)
if @heroine.valid?redirect_to @heroineelseflash[:error] = @heroine.errors.full_messagesredirect_to new_heroine_pathendend

In your ERB file (new or edit, wherever you want the error messages to appear on) add the flash errors:

<% if flash[:error] %><% flash[:error].each do |e| %><%= e %><% end %><% end %>

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It’s the seemingly simplest yet most difficult to wrangle concept in styling. How to center your divs, headers, text, whathaveyou. What should be a no-brainer exercise for most developers usually turns out to be a surprisingly frustrating endeavor. In this article I will try to create a simple to read cheatsheet for centering in CSS so that you may never have to deal with the frustration of uncentered items again.

First, it must be known that in HTML there are two types of elements, in-line, and block-level. In-line elements such as text, as their name suggests, can be placed in-line and do not create a new line when implemented. This means you can have multiple headers on the same line next to each other. Block-level elements, on the contrary, will create a brand new line and take up the full width of the page. …

Last year Instagram unveiled their latest product offering aimed at entering the lucrative online shopping industry. Instagram Shopping allows sellers to link directly to their own product pages via instagram links as well as providing the option for a proprietary in-app product page and checkout system. With Instagrams estimated one billion users and highly consumer-oriented culture, this platform has been received with great interest by both shoppers and sellers alike.

Instagram/Facebook’s documentation, while comprehensive, can be very disorganized at times and the multitude of requirements asked of sellers that span both the Instagram and Facebook platform can be a landmine to navigate. In this article I will walk you through setting up a selling profile on your account in as simple terms as possible. No more getting confused as to what exactly you need to do and where. …

AlphaVantage is one of the most popular web APIs for real-time stock information. It’s free and easy to use and a great learning tool for beginner developers who are trying to gain a handle on how to work with APIs and stock data as a whole.

Whether you’re building a pet project or trying to wet your feet into the world of algorithmic trading, AlphaVantage is a great tool for introducing you to working with stock price APIs. …

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As the internet economy grows online and mobile payment platforms are becoming more and more ubiquitous to web development products. Which is the best one for you? In this article I’ll introduce the most popular platforms to try to give you a better idea of each one when making the decision for your web development project.


Let’s face it, nowadays data is everything. Almost every coding project involves data in some ways and the collection, maintaining and analyzing of databases has become a very lucrative industry that is involved in almost every facet of life and business.

As such, a common problem that many developers face is where to find the data that they need for their particular projects. …

The web development space has never been more vibrant and diverse. There is an absolute abundance of conferences, groups, and workshops to attend, especially in tech hubs like NYC. This abundance can be overwhelming for many newcomers so I’ve gone ahead and introduced five great groups that are free to attend for developers of all experience levels.

Built With Code

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This is a group that meets weekly in New York City and is great for beginner developers. …

The main mechanisms of Google Analytics work by inserting a unique ‘tracking code’ into the source of the website that is to be analyzed. This code is tied to a Google account and will compile reports based on user interactions with the site or advertisement. Such a report will use metrics that are particular to Google Analytics. In our practicum presentation we mentioned some of the most widely seen metrics and what they mean.

Page views measure the total number of times a page has been loaded in a browser, regardless of how many individuals are doing the loading. This means that page views do not take into account unique visitors, another metric used by Google, which counts how many distinct individuals view a page. When a visitor opens a page in your website they have started a session, or, a sequence of interactions with your website that begin when you open enter the site and ends when you exit it. These interactions that constitute a session can be anything from a page view to a transaction to an event, which is defined by Google as any kind of interaction with your website that can be measured beyond a simple page view. Examples of events would be the instance when a visitor watches an embedded video or clicks on a download link. Finally, the most basic user interaction that Google measures is a click. Clicks are a measure of how many times a user has clicked on an advertisement regardless of how long their session lasts once they have entered the page that the advertisement leads to. …

The levels of ocean surfaces (henceforth referred to as the ‘sea level’) have been observed to be rising around the world. While sea levels are known to fluctuate due to natural processes, researchers have found a steady increase in the sea level during the past 100 years that is anomylous to historical natural fluctuations. This project will use historical monthly sea level data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association in order to estimate the rate of sea level rise. Because sea levels are known to vary throughout localities, this project will focus on the sea level around New York City. …


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