Andela Boot Camp: Day 2 And Counting

Day 1 of boot camp started off very well. I arrived at the Dojo well before time at 7, and found 3 other guys had already arrived while others trickled in till around 9am. We got down to knowing each other over a game of cards.

A quarter to 9 and we are welcomed into a routine at Andela, that is morning Warm Up. We did exercises, jumped up and down and little mind games that were quite challenging in an interesting way.

We were to go through boot camp offsite, and we headed off to the battle ground-so to speak at around 9:30am. We were introduced to the team of guys who were to act as team leaders, current Andela Fellows.

In the morning session, conducted by the very able Jackson took us through the Self Learning Clinic and their expectations from us. He took us through EPIC(Expectations, Passion, Integrity, Collaboration) values at Andela, and how they are central to the teams success.

Next up was Loice — ‘Lorro’, who briefly spoke of her journey from applying and through boot camp, and to now as an Andela Fellow. She enumerated the challenges before us, the values and the transformation in thought or attitude and skills that will ensure success through the program.

Just before we broke for lunch, Jackson was back with a story on how to make ’Ugali’. It was appropriate and had everyone contributing fully. He used it to demonstrate the pertinent point of how an outcome of any endeavor is the sum total of knowledge, behaviours and one’s beliefs.

Output = Knowledge + Behaviour + Beliefs Abbreviated OKBB.

Afternoon session followed after a lovely lunch. We learned about programming logic, TDD(Test Driven Development) and GIT Control. I knew of these concepts from my own reading but the succinct presentation given by Morris on them was quite an eye opener and its one of those moments one beings wondering how they ever made it this far without these valuable tools. A briefing session with our Team Leader, Alex, put us at ease, fully appreciating the daunting and fast paced week that was ahead of us, but taking comfort in the fact that we had what it takes to see it through.

Day ended with some of us going back to the Dojo in order to complete our day’s exercises.

Day 2 — Home Study

The assignments are tougher, and require more brainpower to plough through them, but just after 4pm, I have managed to submit my days work for assessment.

Key Takeaway From Day 1 and 2: I Should learn how to take 20 minute power naps.

See you in a few…