Boot Camp Day 3: So Close, Yet So Far

Day 3 is finally over, and I broke several records! I missed a deadline, submitted a late request for an extension on the submission deadline to the team leader (Denied!!) and at one point, I had a literal brain freeze while trying to figure the assignment on HTTP requests. After finally decoding what was required and digging through tutorial after tutorial of the same, I chose a hard-to implement API that had me going in circles, simmering in frustration and generally wishing it was Friday already.

Thanks to a newly acquired skill, I took a 25 minute power nap at 3pm and woke refreshed, implemented the required program and submitted it though late. The test cases for the same were a breeze, having studiously studied the same since Monday.

The other assignments weren’t as tough, and I finished them without too much of a sweat. Other highlights were helping my fellow cohorts on the various Slack channels, and learning of the various angles people were taking in carrying out the assignments.

Key takeaway from today for me has been: When required to choose and implement a simple program, KISS(Keep It Simple, Stupid) does it. I have submitted a key assignment post deadline today because of, well, trying to build a beautiful command line app, unique from everyone else.

Another day of marching towards the goal…invictus maneo.